PyCon CZ - Day 2

Su­m­ma­ry of the se­cond day of Py­con CZ 2017.

At 10:00 it was ti­me for the first ta­lk: a ke­y­no­te ti­tled What lies ahea­d? ­P­y­tho­n’s fu­tu­re stren­gh­ts and main cha­llen­ges. It was a great ta­lk, I rea­ll­y en­jo­yed the re­ma­rks of a Py­tho­nis­ta re­mem­be­ring thins from ear­ly Py­tho­n ­con­fe­ren­ce­s. The main con­clu­sion that I took from the pre­sen­ta­tion was tha­t, e­ven in the ear­ly da­ys the­re we­re so­me rea­lly tou­gh cha­llen­ges to over­co­me (fo­r e­xam­ple the use of in­den­ta­tio­n, scrip­tin­g, etc.), and Py­thon sur­mounted it. The­s­e ­cha­llen­ges we­re, perhaps even bi­gger than to­da­y’s ones (de­ba­tes abou­t ­P­y­thon 2/3, etc.), whi­ch makes me thi­nk that cu­rrent is­sues do­n’t jeo­par­di­ze the ­fu­tu­re of Py­thon at all, so the co­m­mu­ni­ty and the lan­gua­ge wi­ll get th­rou­gh ­the­m. Rea­lly ins­pi­rin­g, and en­ga­gin­g.

Then it was the ti­me for my new ta­lk Dis­co­ve­ring Des­crip­tors. I got so­me in­te­res­ting ques­tions from the au­dien­ce, and on ge­ne­ral I had a good ti­me ­pre­sen­tin­g, so that was ano­ther good ex­pe­rien­ce. After the pre­sen­ta­tio­n, whi­le ­doing so­me ne­two­rkin­g, I got good fee­dba­ck about it, and was asked about the ­sour­ce for it, whi­ch I ma­de pu­bli­c.

Then I atten­ded so­me is­sues, took a look at the cha­llen­ges, and after lun­ch, I ­lis­te­ned to Ar­min Ro­na­che­r’s ta­lk, ti­tled A Py­thon and Rust lo­ve sto­ry, whi­ch was ano­ther won­der­ful ta­lk. I rea­lly en­joy the­se kind of po­l­y­glot ta­lks, ­be­cau­se tha­t’s the true spi­rit of so­ftwa­re ar­chi­tec­tu­re (what this blog is a­bou­t): to find the best tool (lan­gua­ge) for the pro­blem at han­d, whi­ch mi­gh­t ­not alwa­ys be Py­tho­n. So it’s in­te­res­ting to see how other lan­gua­ges can ­com­ple­ment our so­lu­tio­n, in in­te­res­ting wa­ys. I learnt mo­re about the buil­din­g and pa­cka­ging sys­tem of Rus­t, and the co­de sni­ppe­ts we­re a good way to get a ­first im­pres­sion of the lan­gua­ge. De­fi­ni­te­ly so­me­thing to in­ves­ti­ga­te fur­the­r.

On the cha­llen­ges I did rea­so­na­bly we­ll, and I got the book OpenS­hi­ft fo­r ­de­ve­lo­pers from the stand of Red Ha­t, whi­ch was ni­ce. I’­ll read it on the ­fli­ght ba­ck.

Then the­re was ano­ther good ta­lk ca­lled buil­ding an al­go­ri­th­mic tra­din­g ­pla­tform in Py­thon 3, whi­ch le­ft me wi­th so­me li­bra­ries to in­ves­ti­ga­te, na­me­l­y aio­ka­fka, and fas­ta­v­ro. Dis­tri­buted sys­te­ms are a fun­da­men­ta­l ­con­cept of so­ftwa­re ar­chi­tec­tu­re, so this is ab­so­lu­te­ly re­le­vant an­d in­te­res­ting for the pur­po­se of this blo­g.

The last talk of the day was about optimizing Python code with cython which is a really nice tool I definitely recommend.

Then it ca­me the ti­me for li­gh­tning ta­lks, and out of all of the­m, the one tha­t ­gra­bbed my atten­tion the most was one about HTTP 0.9 (yes 0.9!), be­cau­se it ­brie­fly (re­mem­ber li­gh­tnin­g), ex­plai­ned the pro­to­col on this ver­sion and mos­t im­por­tan­tl­y, it pointed to this pre­sen­ta­tion that I wi­ll ­de­fi­ni­te­ly stud­y. After the li­gh­tning ta­lks ses­sio­n, I had the pri­vi­le­ge to­ ­ta­lking to the speaker (A­na), and had a rea­lly in­te­res­ting con­ver­sation abou­t H­TTP 2.0, and te­ch­no­lo­gies alike. Post re­lated to this mi­ght co­me in the ­fu­tu­re.

All in all I thi­nk it was a great day fu­ll of lear­nin­g, food for thou­gh­t, an­d ­things to re­sear­ch fur­the­r. To­mo­rrow is wo­rks­hops and sprin­ts da­y, so I look ­fo­rward to prac­ti­sing on Elas­ti­cSear­ch, and Ku­ber­ne­tes wi­th OpenS­hi­ft.