Discovering Descriptors

This ta­lk was pre­sen­ted at Py­Con CZ 2017 an­d Eu­ro­P­y­thon 2017. He­re are the re­fe­ren­ces and re­sour­ces for the pre­sen­ta­tio­n.

The co­de us­ed for the ta­lk, is avai­la­ble he­re an­d ­con­tains so­me ex­pla­na­tions along wi­th the exam­ple­s.



This is the re­cor­ding of the ta­lk pre­sen­ted at Eu­ro­P­y­thon 2017.


To learn mo­re about des­crip­tor­s, you could che­ck so­me of the fo­llo­win­g ­re­fe­ren­ce­s, us­ed as ba­se for the ta­lk:

  • Fluent Py­thon - by Lu­ciano Ra­malho: This book has a grea­t ­co­ver of all to­pi­cs of Py­tho­n, and des­crip­tors is no ex­cep­tio­n. Star­ting the ­sec­tion V of me­ta-­pro­gra­m­min­g, the chap­ter 20 con­tains a pro­foun­d ex­pla­na­tion of the in­ter­nals of des­crip­tors and how they wo­rk.
  • Py­thon cook­book (3rd edi­tio­n) - Da­vid Bea­z­ley & Brian Jo­nes: Con­tains great exam­ple­s of Py­thon co­de, that help ex­plai­ning ad­van­ced to­pi­cs, su­ch as des­crip­tor­s, ­de­co­ra­tor­s, and mo­re.
  • Py­thon des­crip­tors Ho­w­To: The ni­cest thing abou­t ­this gui­de is not on­ly that helps a lot on the un­ders­tan­ding of des­crip­tor­s, ­but al­so that he­re you can find equi­va­lent im­ple­men­ta­tions of many buil­t-i­n ­des­crip­tors in Py­tho­n, for exam­ple tho­se for @pro­per­ty, @cla­ss­me­thod, e­tc. This helps a lot on the un­ders­tan­ding of the in­ter­nals of Py­tho­n, an­d i­llus­tra­tes a part of the co­de that is im­ple­men­ted in C in CP­y­thon.
  • Py­thon da­ta mo­del: has a ­sec­tion ex­plai­ning the me­tho­ds of the des­crip­tor pro­to­col, and how the­y’­re in­vo­ke­d.
  • PE­P-487 in­tro­du­ce­s __se­t_­na­me__.