PyCon CZ - Day 3

The third day of the con­fe­ren­ce was hos­ted on a di­ffe­rent ve­nue, the Cze­ch ­Te­ch­ni­cal Uni­ver­si­ty of Pra­gue.

The workshops

I sig­ned up for two wo­rks­hop­s: sear­ch for fun (and pro­fi­t), an­d Effec­ti­ve­ly run­ning py­thon appli­ca­tions in Ku­ber­ne­tes / OpenS­hi­ft.

They we­re bo­th grea­t, and le­ft me wi­th lo­ts of in­te­res­ting to­pi­cs for re­sear­ch and do fur­ther wo­rk.

The first one wa­lked th­rou­gh the wo­rkings of elas­ti­csear­ch-­d­s­l-­py, whi­ch was great not on­l­y ­be­cau­se the ex­pla­na­tions we­re su­per­b, but al­so be­cau­se the­re is pro­ba­bly no­ ­be­tter way to re­view this than from the au­thor hi­msel­f. I was al­read­y ex­pe­rien­ced wi­th the li­bra­r­y, sin­ce I’­ve us­e­d, Elas­ti­csear­ch wi­th Py­tho­n, ­but even thou­gh, this wo­rks­hop ga­ve me a dee­per un­ders­tan­ding of the con­cep­ts ­be­hind it (the­re was a lot about the in­ter­nals of Elas­ti­csear­ch, how it wo­rks, its con­fi­gu­ra­tio­n, con­cep­ts of in­for­ma­tion re­trie­va­l, etc.), so I go­t ­new idea­s. On the prac­ti­cal si­de, I’­ll che­ck this pro­ject.

The se­cond one started wi­th an over­view of Ku­ber­ne­tes and OpenS­hi­ft, and shor­tly the­rea­fte­r, we started wi­th the prac­ti­cal as­sig­n­men­t, on whi­ch we ­de­plo­yed an appli­ca­tion on the OpenS­hi­ft clou­d.

The tools re­qui­red for this are qui­te in­te­res­tin­g. Per­so­na­ll­y, I pre­fer the ­co­m­mand li­ne tool (oc clien­t) to the web in­ter­fa­ce, not on­ly be­cau­se it ­see­ms mo­re fa­mi­liar (for one using Li­nu­x), but al­so be­cau­se it pro­vi­des mo­re ­fea­tu­res and a ri­cher in­ter­fa­ce. For exam­ple (at this poin­t), cron jobs can­no­t ­be created th­rou­gh the web in­ter­fa­ce, but on­ly from the co­m­mand li­ne wi­th this ­client (and it was part of the exer­ci­se). I per­so­na­lly alwa­ys find the co­m­man­d ­li­ne mu­ch mo­re com­ple­te, use­fu­l, and ri­ch (for exam­ple it allo­ws au­to­ma­tio­n, s­crip­tin­g, etc.), com­pa­red to UIs, so I’­ll use the clien­t.

The Venue

The uni­ver­si­ty has a rea­lly ni­ce buil­din­g, pla­ced in an equa­ll­y-­ni­ce stu­den­t a­rea.