Upcoming talk at PyCon CZ 2017

The pro­po­sal of my ta­lk ti­tled “Dis­co­ve­ring Des­crip­tors“, was ac­cep­ted fo­r ­the next edi­tion of Py­Con CZ, in Pra­gue, Cze­ch ­Re­pu­bli­c. Al­thou­gh the sche­du­le is not yet read­y, this ta­lk wi­ll most like­ly be­ on Ju­ne 8th.

The first two da­ys of the con­fe­ren­ce (Ju­ne 8th and Ju­ne 9th), wi­ll be for ta­lks, whilst the last one (S­atur­da­y, Ju­ne 10), wi­ll be for wo­rks­hops (s­prin­ts).

This is ano­ther in­te­res­ting oppor­tu­ni­ty to sha­re and learn from the Py­tho­n ­co­m­mu­ni­ty, as it was last year when I pre­sen­te­d at Eu­ro­P­y­thon 2016. On this oc­ca­sio­n, I ­plan to post an en­try wi­th the even­ts, per ea­ch day of the con­fe­ren­ce.