The day started at 9.00, and at first it was time of check-in, etc. After that, I solved one riddle by, and earned a discount in flights, which was a nice way to start the conference.

Then after breakfast and some networking going through the booths of the sponsors, it was time for the first talk of the day: "When bugs bite - why neglecting edge cases can kill".

It was a great talk, a case for software engineering in general (it's not Python-specific, which is what makes the topic more interesting). The best thing I liked about the talk was the remarks, and the idea of shifting the mindset when it comes to development, so we should do some "negative thinking" in the form of what can go wrong with this? How can this fail?, and such. It's important, because this is critical in order to make robust software. Most problems I have seen on software bugs were related to some optimistic thinking, and even worse, optimistic unit testing, in the way that developers only test for happy-path scenarios, without thinking all sort of things that can go wrong.

Afterwards, was the time for the talk about parallel processing (poor person's parallel processing), which was fine. Then I spent some time tackling some of the challenges sponsors had available, so I did some coding and recap of the events so far.

Then I listened to a talk about wolfcrypt which is a tool for crypto in Python. The talk introduced some crypto concepts (symmetric crypto, public key, etc.), which was good. Most of the questions revolved around comparison with other tools in python (default libraries, pycrypto, etc.).

Then it was time for lunch and do some more coding, and the next talk I attended to was called "should I mock or should I not?", which I liked very much and gave some food for thought.

Then it came one more talk, after which it was time for mine, so I presented clean code in Python. There were some interesting questions, and the entire presentation went relatively quickly.

Once the talk sessions were over, there was one last track for lightning talks, which are always super entertaining.

After the finish of the first day, I attended the speaker's dinner, which was a nice opportunity to network with the community, which is always great.

Looking forward to some more interesting talks tomorrow, and to see the results of the challenges.