PyCon CZ - Day 1

The day start­ed at 9.00, and at first it was time of check­-in, etc. Af­ter that, I solved one rid­dle by ki­wi.­com, and earned a dis­count in flight­s, which was a nice way to start the con­fer­ence.

Then af­ter break­fast and some net­work­ing go­ing through the booths of the spon­sors, it was time for the first talk of the day: “When bugs bite - why ne­glect­ing edge cas­es can kill“.

It was a great talk, a case for soft­ware en­gi­neer­ing in gen­er­al (it’s not Python-speci­fic, which is what makes the top­ic more in­ter­est­ing). The best thing I liked about the talk was the re­mark­s, and the idea of shift­ing the ­mind­set when it comes to de­vel­op­men­t, so we should do some “neg­a­tive think­ing” in the form of what can go wrong with this? How can this fail?, and such. It’s im­por­tan­t, be­cause this is crit­i­cal in or­der to make ro­bust soft­ware. Most prob­lems I have seen on soft­ware bugs were re­lat­ed to some op­ti­mistic think­ing, and even worse, op­ti­mistic unit test­ing, in the way that de­vel­op­ers on­ly test ­for hap­py-­path sce­nar­ios, with­out think­ing all sort of things that can go wrong.

Af­ter­ward­s, was the time for the talk about par­al­lel pro­cess­ing (poor per­son­’s ­par­al­lel pro­cess­ing), which was fine. Then I spent some time tack­ling some of the chal­lenges spon­sors had avail­able, so I did some cod­ing and re­cap of the events so far.

Then I lis­tened to a talk about wolfcrypt which is a tool for cryp­to in Python. The talk in­tro­duced some cryp­to con­cepts (sym­met­ric cryp­to, pub­lic key, etc.), which was good. Most of the ques­tions re­volved around com­par­i­son with oth­er tools in python (de­fault li­braries, py­cryp­to, etc.).

Then it was time for lunch and do some more cod­ing, and the next talk I at­tend­ed to was called “should I mock or should I not?“, which I liked very ­much and gave some food for thought.

Then it came one more talk, af­ter which it was time for mine, so I pre­sent­ed clean code in Python. There were some in­ter­est­ing ques­tion­s, and the en­tire p­re­sen­ta­tion went rel­a­tive­ly quick­ly.

Once the talk ses­sions were over, there was one last track for light­ning talk­s, which are al­ways su­per en­ter­tain­ing.

Af­ter the fin­ish of the first day, I at­tend­ed the speak­er’s din­ner, which was a nice op­por­tu­ni­ty to net­work with the com­mu­ni­ty, which is al­ways great.

Look­ing for­ward to some more in­ter­est­ing talks to­mor­row, and to see the re­sult­s of the chal­lenges.