I had the great experience of presenting at EuroPython 2016. My talk entitled "Clean code in Python", was about good development practices, down to low-level design (with code examples), for Python. The idea of the talk, was to present the "pythonic" approach for writing code, and how do general concepts of clean code apply to Python.

These examples might be useful for beginners, developers experienced in other languages coming to Python, and people using Python for scientific applications. The examples could also be helpful for senior developers, because they remind real situations that might appear in pull requests, while doing a code review.

Here is the video on YouTube:

And the slides (which I also made available along with the source code, shortly after the presentation finished).

The presentation was well received: some attendees told me they liked it (even asked for the slides and code), and I got good advices. The following days of the conference, more people told me that they liked the presentation, and some others mentioned (something I did not think at the beginning, but that it makes perfect sense), that these ideas are really useful for people using Python in scientific environments.

I am glad it was useful for the community.