Upcoming talk at EuroPython 2016

I am glad to in­form that I wi­ll be speaking at Eu­ro­P­y­thon 2016 con­fe­ren­ce.

My su­bmis­sion about clean co­de in Py­thon was ac­cep­te­d, so in the next edi­tion of Eu­ro­P­y­thon 2016, in Bil­bao, Spai­n, I wi­ll ta­lk about clean co­de prin­ci­ples for Py­tho­n. He­re is the abs­trac­t:


The fu­ll list of ta­lks is avai­la­ble at:


If you are in­te­res­te­d, subs­cri­be to the Eu­ro­P­y­thon blog and You­tu­be chan­ne­l. I wi­ll in­clu­de mo­re de­tail­s in a se­pa­ra­te pos­t.