Starting a gnome-shell extension

Sin­ce I mo­ved from Ubun­tu to Fe­do­ra ear­ly this yea­r, I chan­ged my desk­to­p en­vi­ron­ment from uni­ty to Gno­me She­ll.

I must say it is a great ex­pe­rien­ce. At the be­gin­ning I was thi­nking on what was be­tter com­pa­red to uni­ty (be­cau­se I did not like Uni­ty). Re­gar­ding this ­com­pa­ri­son I found a mo­re sta­ble and usa­ble win­dow ma­na­ge­r. I sti­ll pre­fer so­me­thin­g ­sim­pler perhap­s, but it wo­rks good and it is ni­ce.

Just out of cu­rio­si­ty, one day I started ma­na­ging so­me ex­ten­sion­s. Oh, by the wa­y, ­you wi­ll pro­ba­bly be ins­ta­lling so­me ex­ten­sions for Gno­me she­ll, so­me of them are u­se­ful and so­me others make it mo­re usa­ble. That dro­ve me to the ex­ten­sions de­ve­lo­per API, whi­ch tur­ned out to be qui­te sim­ple and in­te­res­tin­g.

Ha­ving pla­yed a li­ttle bi­t, I de­ci­ded to co­de a (ve­r­y) sim­ple ex­ten­sion that does just one ­sin­gle thin­g. I ca­lled it “sim­ple-­na­me” and it is avai­la­ble at: Sim­ple-­Na­me-Ex­ten­sion

It re­mem­bers so­me li­ttle de­tail I was mis­sing from so­me pre­vious win­dow ma­na­gers that I ha­ve u­s­ed along the year­s, whi­ch is to dis­play the user­na­me of the cu­rren­tly lo­gge­d-in use­r.

I must say tha­t, I co­de it just for the sake of lear­ning and ex­pe­ri­men­ting wi­th and API and a bit of Ja­vaS­crip­t. In addi­tion I found ve­ry in­te­res­ting to see fron­t-end re­lated te­ch­no­lo­gies like Ja­vaS­cript or CSS u­s­ed in the desk­top en­vi­ron­ment (not that is so­me­thing new, but sti­ll funn­y).

To sum up, I wanted to hi­gh­li­ght that is in­te­res­ting to learn new te­ch­no­lo­gie­s, even wi­th li­ttle an­d ­sim­ple steps like a new API, li­bra­r­y, etc. It is not for the te­ch­no­lo­gy itsel­f, but for the sake of ­lear­ning :)