Presentations with reveal.js

Ol­d-­fas­hio­ned PP­T’s pre­sen­ta­tions are from the 90’s, and le­t’s fa­ce it, we are in the a­ge of the web bro­w­se­r. So, the last ti­me I had to ga­ve a ta­lk, I de­ci­ded to use a be­tter te­ch­ni­cal su­ppor­t.

After a qui­ck sear­ch for al­ter­na­ti­ve­s, I found many op­tion­s, in­clu­din­g we­ll-k­no­wn li­bra­rie­s, un­til I fi­na­lly de­ci­ded for re­vea­l.­js.

It is wri­tten in Ja­vaS­cript wi­th good CSS the­me­s, and it does not re­qui­re ex­pert kno­w­le­dge on tho­se te­ch­no­lo­gie­s. In or­der to play the pre­sen­ta­tio­n, you laun­ch an HT­ML fi­le from a web bro­w­ser or ­you can al­so run it wi­th a sta­tic ser­ve­r.


  • Ver­sion con­tro­l: Gi­ven the fact that your pre­sen­ta­tion is ma­de from sour­ce co­de, it is po­s­si­ble ­to tra­ck chan­ges by using gi­t.
  • A be­tter cro­ss-­pla­tform su­ppor­t: it does not re­ly on a par­ti­cu­lar so­ftwa­re in a par­ti­cu­lar ver­sion to be pre­sent (web bro­w­sers are ubi­qui­tous no­wa­da­ys).
  • Com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty: WY­SIW­YG.
  • Able to host your pre­sen­ta­tion in the cloud and ac­ce­ss it from an­ywhe­re.

Rea­sons to use it / ni­ce things about it:

  • We are in 2014
  • Su­ppor­ts Ma­rk­do­wn lan­gua­ge

To be clea­r: I am not sa­ying that this is a be­tter al­ter­na­ti­ve be­cau­se is newer of mo­der­n, ­but be­cau­se of the ad­van­ta­ges lis­te­d. In other wor­d­s, if we count wi­th de­ve­lo­ped tool­s at our dis­po­sal, it would be a good idea to use the­m.

He­re are so­me sim­ple and ba­sic exam­ples of pre­sen­ta­tions I am wo­rking on. (­DIS­CLAI­ME­R: they mi­ght be in di­ffe­rent lan­gua­ges, and the pa­ge is in pro­gress).