Glimpses of a Vim configuration

It’s been a whi­le sin­ce I started tra­cking ver­sions of my cus­tom Vim con­fi­gu­ra­tio­n, and making it avai­la­ble as an open sour­ce so­ftwa­re in Gi­thub. ­The best of this pro­ject is, in my opi­nio­n, to ha­ve it un­der ver­sion con­tro­l, so I can tra­ck chan­ges and re­lea­ses.

Eve­ry on­ce in a whi­le, when I find a new se­ttin­g, or a great new fea­tu­re, I mo­di­fy the con­fi­gu­ra­tio­n, so they wi­ll be­co­me avai­la­ble on the next re­lea­se. ­Be­si­des the fea­tu­res that are men­tio­ned in the pro­jec­t, and the cus­to­mi­za­tions ma­de, I feel ve­ry co­m­for­ta­ble wi­th the co­lour sche­me I ma­de.

He­re are so­me glimp­ses of it:


First cap­tu­re of co­lour­s, and la­yout

The co­lour sche­me is ge­ne­ral for the syn­tax hi­gh­li­gh­ting of all ty­pes re­cog­ni­zed by Vi­m. Plea­se no­te this mi­ght al­so de­pend on the con­fi­gu­ra­tion of your ter­mi­na­l.


The ta­bs are al­so the­med ac­cor­ding to the me­nus.

Any su­gges­tions or im­pro­ve­men­ts to the co­de and con­fi­gu­ra­tion can be ma­de on the Gi­thub pro­jec­t.