Alpine email client

Al­pi­ne is a so­ftwa­re I de­fi­ni­te­ly re­co­m­mend for tho­se who like mi­ni­ma­lis­tic appli­ca­tion­s ­that go strai­ght to the point in or­der to get the things do­ne. It’s an email clien­t, wi­th no GUI, whi­ch allo­ws me to read emails be­tter than by means of the web pa­ge 1 wi­thout any dis­trac­tion­s, fo­cu­sing on what is just im­por­tan­t. It is al­so great that sho­ws on­ly the text (the ­re­le­vant part of the emai­l) and it can fo­llow the li­nks by laun­ching the de­fault bro­w­se­r.

It is sim­ple, fast and per­fec­tly sui­ta­ble for che­cking my old in­box wi­th week­ly lis­ts up­da­tes. I­t’s inhe­rited from an old pro­jec­t, ca­lled pi­ne, and in Fe­do­ra it can be ins­ta­lled by:

sudo dnf install alpine

Then you just need to con­fi­gu­re the email ac­count se­ttings (o­ne last ti­me to vi­sit the pa­ge, ­but that would be the last :-) and you’­re read­y.


Not for gmail but from ano­ther ol­der ac­count I ha­ve