2019 in Review

Ano­ther year went by, and al­thou­gh I ha­ven’t blo­gged that mu­ch this yea­r, qui­te a few things did ha­ppen. Le­t’s take a ­qui­ck re­view of the­m.

As you kno­w, I atten­ded FOS­DEM 2019, ba­ck in Fe­brua­r­y, and it was an exhi­la­ra­tin­g e­ven­t.

I al­so took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to di­ve mo­re in­to func­tio­nal pro­gra­m­ming wi­th Sca­la, by com­ple­ting the on­li­ne cour­se in ­Cour­se­ra (whi­ch I hi­gh­ly re­co­m­men­d).

On the open sour­ce fron­t, I started wi­th so­me hum­ble con­tri­bu­tions to the grpc pro­jec­t, wi­th the goal to add as­yn­ch­ro­nous su­pport for the Py­thon im­ple­men­ta­tio­n.

I al­so read many in­te­res­ting books. Among tho­se about so­ftwa­re en­gi­nee­rin­g, I would al­so like to re­co­m­mend So­ftwa­re ­Crea­ti­vi­ty 2.0 by Ro­bert Gla­ss.

What to look forward to for the 2020? I would like to repeat the FOSDEM experience, and keep on contributing to open source projects, as much as possible. There’s also the possibility (however I can’t promise anything), that I might start a YouTube channel, with content similar to the one on this blog. But as always there will be more that I can’t anticipate; the best is usually the unexpected!

Ha­ppy 2020 to eve­r­y­bod­y!