2018 in review

It was a great yea­r, le­t’s take a look at the main hi­gh­li­gh­ts.

Ear­ly in Ja­nua­r­y, I pre­sen­ted a ta­lk at a lo­cal mee­tu­p, whi­ch had a good re­cep­tion amongst the au­dien­ce. The fist part of the year was a ­great pe­riod for lear­ning mo­re about dis­tri­buted sys­te­ms, event sour­cin­g, an­d e­ven­t-­dri­ven ar­chi­tec­tu­res. The peak of whi­ch was atten­ding the Ka­fka su­m­mi­t in Lon­don.

By la­te Au­gus­t/ear­ly Sep­tem­ber I fi­nis­hed my book Clean co­de in Py­thon whi­ch was a qui­te cha­llen­ging ex­pe­rien­ce.

It was a great plea­su­re to attend the Py­thon San Se­bas­tián con­fe­ren­ce. I’­ve heard about this con­fe­ren­ce in a li­gh­tning ta­lk in Eu­ro­P­y­tho­n, and I was cu­rious about it. It was good to­ ­meet a group of friend­ly new peo­ple, and ha­ving the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pre­sen­t ­the­re (an enhan­ced ver­sion of the ta­lk pre­sen­ted at the mee­tup in Ja­nua­r­y). ­Be­si­des, the ci­ty is ama­zin­g, so it’s cer­tain­ly so­me­thing to re­pea­t!

Be­si­des so­me im­pro­ve­men­ts in my con­fi­gu­ra­tion fi­les (vim and dot fi­le­s), and to­ ­so­me of my other pu­blic re­po­si­to­rie­s, the­re was­n’t that mu­ch room for open ­sour­ce con­tri­bu­tion­s. On the other han­d, the­re was a good deal of lear­nin­g: I’­ve read so­me fan­tas­tic books about so­ftwa­re en­gi­nee­ring (su­ch as Fac­ts an­d ­fa­lla­cies of so­ftwa­re en­gi­nee­ring, Ob­jec­t-o­rien­ted so­ftwa­re cons­truc­tion, and mo­re), whi­ch un­for­tu­na­te­ly I was­n’t able to co­ver in blog pos­ts (but ma­y­be­ in the fu­tu­re I wi­ll), and I suc­ce­ss­fu­lly com­ple­ted the ma­chi­ne lear­nin­g ­cour­se offe­red by Cour­se­ra, whi­ch was ama­zing. A­gai­n, ma­y­be in a fu­tu­re post I wi­ll be able to pro­per­ly re­view it, but for no­w I can just te­ll you that is hi­gh­ly re­co­m­men­da­ble, if you’­re looking fo­rward to­ ­learn a ton and at the sa­me ti­me ha­ve fun sol­ving pro­gra­m­ming as­sig­n­men­ts.

All in all, it was a year wi­th a lot of po­si­ti­ve no­tes. Looking fo­rward to an a­ma­zing 2019 for eve­r­yo­ne!