2017 in Review

A re­cap of the main even­ts and pos­ts th­rou­ghout the year that is en­din­g.

This year I atten­ded so­me con­fe­ren­ces over­sea­s, whe­re I pre­sen­ted ta­lks. Firs­t, in Ju­ne, I went to the beau­ti­ful ci­ty of Pra­gue for Py­Con CZ 2017. At firs­t, I ­got on­ly one ta­lk appro­ve­d, Dis­co­ve­ring Des­crip­tors, whi­ch was a new ­to­pic I was pre­sen­tin­g. A few da­ys be­fo­re the con­fe­ren­ce starte­d, ano­the­r s­peaker had to step do­wn, so I was asked to fi­ll in the slo­t, to whi­ch I agree­d by pro­po­sing my ta­lk of clean co­de in Py­tho­n. That meant I pre­sen­ted one the ­first two da­ys of the con­fe­ren­ce, and then atten­ded the wo­rks­hop on the las­t ­day (S­atur­da­y).

The con­fe­ren­ce was ni­ce, and as alwa­ys, a great oppor­tu­ni­ty for ne­two­rking an­d ­lear­nin­g.

Ju­ly was the mon­th for Eu­ro­P­y­tho­n, a con­fe­ren­ce that is alwa­ys awe­so­me. This ­yea­r, I did not ha­ve a ta­lk sche­du­led be­fo­re­han­d, as I did last yea­r, bu­t ­sur­pri­sin­gly enou­gh, on the li­gh­tning ta­lk ses­sions of Mon­day they an­noun­ced a ­free slot for the Tues­da­y, to whi­ch I vo­lun­teer by su­bmi­tting my new ta­lk, “­Dis­co­ve­ring Des­crip­tor­s”. So, on­ce agai­n, ano­ther unex­pec­ted (but gla­d), o­ppor­tu­ni­ty that I had to pre­sent a ta­lk at a good con­fe­ren­ce.

On other to­pi­cs, I atten­ded se­ve­ral mee­tups of Py­thon and Go, and be­ca­me mo­re in­vol­ved in dis­tri­buted sys­te­ms.

It was al­so a good year to wo­rk mo­re wi­th Do­cke­r, and started to learn mo­re a­bout Ku­ber­ne­tes.

Re­gar­ding con­tri­bu­tions to open sour­ce, I re­lea­sed new ver­sions of most of the ­pro­jec­ts I ha­ve on Gi­tHu­b, but the­re is mo­re. I sent the first suc­ce­ss­fu­l ­pa­tch to CP­y­thon in Gi­tHub (im­por­tant no­te: at the be­gin­ning of this yea­r, the ­CP­y­thon pro­ject mo­ved to Gi­tHu­b). It was a sim­ple chan­ge on the do­cu­men­ta­tio­n, a­bout des­crip­tor­s, that got qui­ck­ly mer­ge­d, but a good head star­t.

Ano­ther ni­ce con­tri­bu­tion is tha­t, du­ring the sprin­ts at Eu­ro­P­y­tho­n, I wo­rke­d a­long the py­py tea­m, and sent so­me co­m­mi­ts fi­xing chan­ges for Py­thon 3.6. It was an ama­zing ex­pe­rien­ce to learn mo­re about the pro­jec­t, and about CP­y­tho­n i­tsel­f. Cer­tain­ly so­me­thing I look fo­rward to con­ti­nue doin­g.

For the new yea­r, I ex­pect mo­re con­tri­bu­tions to open sour­ce, main­ly on the sa­me pro­jec­ts (CP­y­thon and py­py), and re­lea­se mo­re open sour­ce li­bra­rie­s. Al­so mo­re con­fe­ren­ce­s, and as alwa­ys, room for the best whi­ch is usua­lly the u­nex­pec­te­d.