2016 in review

A re­view of the even­ts that took pla­ce this yea­r, re­lated to so­ftwa­re en­gi­nee­ring and ar­chi­tec­tu­re.

The conferences, talks, and events

The­se are so­me of the even­ts I par­ti­ci­pated in:

  • (2 Apr 2016) PRO­TO­SEC 2016 1: A te­ch­ni­cal con­fe­ren­ce about ne­two­rkin­g, ­pro­to­col­s, se­cu­ri­ty, and re­lated to­pi­cs.

  • (Ju­­ly 2016) Eu­­ro­­­P­­y­­thon 2016: I atten­­ded se­­ve­­ral ta­­lks, tra­i­­nings, wo­­­rks­ho­p­s, and pre­sen­ted a ta­­lk.

  • (10 Sep 2016) Py­thon Cór­do­ba mee­tup 6: in­te­res­ting mee­tup whe­re I ­pre­sen­ted my ta­lk at Eu­ro­P­y­thon and atten­ded the sprin­ts afte­rwar­d­s.

  • (14 Sep 2016) Ar­q­Conf Mee­tup ¿Có­mo es tra­ba­jar dis­tri­bui­do glo­bal­men­te? ­Ca­so Open Sta­ck 5: Hos­ted in the Red Ha­t’s offi­ces in Bue­nos Ai­res, this ­ta­lk was a ve­ry in­te­res­ting one, on whi­ch I lear­ned about the co­lla­bo­ra­ti­ve way of wo­rking of the Open Sta­ck tea­m, around the glo­be.

  • (17 Nov 2016) Py­­thon Ba­r­­ce­­lo­­­na mee­­tup.

  • (9 Dec 2016) Ba­r­­ce­­lo­­­na Spa­­rk mee­­tup 2

  • (22 Dec 2016) Py­thon Bar­ce­lo­na De­cem­ber mee­tup 7: I pre­sen­ted my ta­lk a­bout clean co­de in Py­thon (ye­s, again :-), and the­re we­re two othe­r in­te­res­ting ta­lks. Mi­ne was the first one of the even­in­g. The se­cond ta­lk, was about zc.­buil­dout, an in­te­res­ting tool for ma­na­ging pa­cka­ges an­d en­vi­ron­men­ts in Py­tho­n, whi­ch I first heard of at Py­co­nAr (P­y­thon Ar­gen­ti­na grou­p) 2012. The third and last ta­lk, ­pre­sen­ted a pro­ject na­med aio­ca­che 8: a ca­che sys­tem im­ple­men­ted in as­yn­cio, that su­ppor­ts mul­ti­ple ba­ck-en­d­s. The ta­lk wa­lked us th­rou­gh the ­co­de, its ar­chi­tec­tu­re, and so­me use ca­ses wi­th de­mo­s.

Code wise

I started with a small contribution to the coala project 3, and during the EuroPython sprints I contributed to aiohttp with a pull request.

There were two new releases of my vim configuration, versions v0.3 and v0.4 4, which is great because is the single tool I use every day, and it is nice to have several improvements on it.

I al­so enhan­ced my dot fi­les, bu­t ­that is sti­ll in be­ta.

On general

A minor release of Python3.5, but most importantly: Python3.6 was recently released!

There were two releases of Fedora, 24 and 25, and there were lots of improvements and changes in the Linux Kernel.

Regarding information security, there were some issues in the Linux Kernel, also in applications (such as dirty COW, etc.), and a massive DDoS attack that stroke the Internet on October, due to IoT devices being compromised.

What to look forward to for the new year

  • I sti­­ll look fo­­­rward for mo­­­re co­n­­tri­­bu­­tions to open sou­r­­ce, in pa­r­­ti­­cu­­la­­r wi­­th CP­­y­­tho­­n.

  • Mo­re func­tio­nal pro­gra­m­ming (S­ca­la/Ha­ske­ll ma­y­be­), lo­w-­le­vel pro­gra­m­ming in ­C, and re­sear­ch in the field of in­fo­sec.

  • Keep on pa­r­­ti­­ci­­pa­­ting on te­­ch­­ni­­cal co­n­­fe­­ren­­ce­s.

And a lot mo­re.