The blog

The main to­pic of this blog is ar­chi­tec­tu­re in the con­text of so­ftwa­re en­gi­nee­rin­g. The blog has a te­ch­ni­cal appro­ach, the­re­fo­re to­pi­cs like so­ftwa­re ­cons­truc­tio­n, in­fras­truc­tu­re, Li­nu­x, and pro­gra­m­ming pa­ra­dig­ms are co­ve­re­d (a­mong other­s).

Eve­r­y­thing that re­la­tes so­me­how to so­ftwa­re ar­chi­tec­tu­re, is a to­pic sui­ta­ble ­for this blo­g.

The author

Ma­riano is a so­ftwa­re en­gi­neer who spen­ds most of his ti­me crea­ting so­ftwa­re wi­th Py­tho­n, and men­to­ring fe­llow pro­gra­m­mer­s. Ma­ria­no­’s main areas of in­te­res­ts be­si­des Py­thon are Li­nu­x, so­ftwa­re ar­chi­tec­tu­re, func­tio­na­l ­pro­gra­m­min­g, dis­tri­buted sys­te­ms, and speaking at con­fe­ren­ces.

He is the au­thor of the book Clean co­de in Py­thon