Another year went by, and although I haven't blogged that much this year, quite a few things did happen. Let's take a quick review of them.

As you know, I attended FOSDEM 2019, back in February, and it was an exhilarating event.

I also took the opportunity to dive more into functional programming with Scala, by completing the online course in Coursera (which I highly recommend).

On the open source front, I started with some humble contributions to the grpc project, with the goal to add asynchronous support for the Python implementation.

I also read many interesting books. Among those about software engineering, I would also like to recommend Software Creativity 2.0 by Robert Glass.

What to look forward to for the 2020? I would like to repeat the FOSDEM experience, and keep on contributing to open source projects, as much as possible. There's also the possibility (however I can't promise anything), that I might start a YouTube channel, with content similar to the one on this blog. But as always there will be more that I can't anticipate; the best is usually the unexpected!

Happy 2020 to everybody!