It was a great year, let's take a look at the main highlights.

Early in January, I presented a talk at a local meetup, which had a good reception amongst the audience. The fist part of the year was a great period for learning more about distributed systems, event sourcing, and event-driven architectures. The peak of which was attending the Kafka summit in London.

By late August/early September I finished my book Clean code in Python which was a quite challenging experience.

It was a great pleasure to attend the Python San Sebastián conference. I've heard about this conference in a lightning talk in EuroPython, and I was curious about it. It was good to meet a group of friendly new people, and having the opportunity to present there (an enhanced version of the talk presented at the meetup in January). Besides, the city is amazing, so it's certainly something to repeat!

Besides some improvements in my configuration files (vim and dot files), and to some of my other public repositories, there wasn't that much room for open source contributions. On the other hand, there was a good deal of learning: I've read some fantastic books about software engineering (such as Facts and fallacies of software engineering, Object-oriented software construction, and more), which unfortunately I wasn't able to cover in blog posts (but maybe in the future I will), and I successfully completed the machine learning course offered by Coursera, which was amazing. Again, maybe in a future post I will be able to properly review it, but for now I can just tell you that is highly recommendable, if you're looking forward to learn a ton and at the same time have fun solving programming assignments.

All in all, it was a year with a lot of positive notes. Looking forward to an amazing 2019 for everyone!