A recap of the main events and posts throughout the year that is ending.

This year I attended some conferences overseas, where I presented talks. First, in June, I went to the beautiful city of Prague for PyCon CZ 2017. At first, I got only one talk approved, discovering-descriptors{.interpreted-text role="doc"}, which was a new topic I was presenting. A few days before the conference started, another speaker had to step down, so I was asked to fill in the slot, to which I agreed by proposing my talk of clean code in Python. That meant I presented one the first two days of the conference, and then attended the workshop on the last day (Saturday).

The conference was nice, and as always, a great opportunity for networking and learning.

July was the month for EuroPython, a conference that is always awesome. This year, I did not have a talk scheduled beforehand, as I did last year, but surprisingly enough, on the lightning talk sessions of Monday they announced a free slot for the Tuesday, to which I volunteer by submitting my new talk, "Discovering Descriptors". So, once again, another unexpected (but glad), opportunity that I had to present a talk at a good conference.

On other topics, I attended several meetups of Python and Go, and became more involved in distributed systems.

It was also a good year to work more with Docker, and started to learn more about Kubernetes.

Regarding contributions to open source, I released new versions of most of the projects I have on GitHub, but there is more. I sent the first successful patch to CPython in GitHub (important note: at the beginning of this year, the CPython project moved to GitHub). It was a simple change on the documentation, about descriptors, that got quickly merged, but a good head start.

Another nice contribution is that, during the sprints at EuroPython, I worked along the [pypy]{.title-ref} team, and sent some commits fixing changes for Python 3.6. It was an amazing experience to learn more about the project, and about CPython itself. Certainly something I look forward to continue doing.

For the new year, I expect more contributions to open source, mainly on the same projects (CPython and [pypy]{.title-ref}), and release more open source libraries. Also more conferences, and as always, room for the best which is usually the unexpected.